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FLOW through life together.

A growing community discussing everything meditation, wellness and soul growth


Hi! I'm Olivia owner of Flow Studios, I'm a meditation practitioner/ teacher with a huge passion for self growth and all around wellness...

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


Meet Olivia Rachel


The world can become some what overwhelming, with the constant stimulation of news sources, social media, and the pressures of over demanding work spaces. We all can start to feel a little bit lost and all around burnt out. 

Flow Studio is a place to help reconnect back to ones self. We are building a growing community filled with growth, support, and wisdom, helping people flow through life that little bit easier with our guided online meditation classes, interviews with inspiring and influential people, and daily uplifting content.

We feel everyone deserves the opportunity to become their best selves even in our current climate, so join the flow team and enjoy the ride.

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