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Founder of FLOW Studios,

Meditation Practitioner/Teacher 


Flow Studios was founded in 2021, from me previously working in the world of marketing. I wanted to blend the online world into the wellness world, creating a space for people to grow, learn, and heal online.

From the influence of my mums love for spirituality and helping others, and my struggle with anxiety, spirituality, self growth, and mediation, became a huge part of my daily life.

After completing my Meditation Teaching in training I want to move forward and help others through their own flow through life. 

Flow Studio is a building growing community filled with growth, support, and wisdom.

With our guided online meditation classes, interviews with inspiring and influential people, and daily uplifting content, we hope to help people flow through life that little bit easier each day. 

What we offer

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Online Meditations 

Online Mediation Classes available for all, join our membership to have weekly mediation classes to be used in the comfort of your own home!

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Online Interviews

Monthly Interviews and talks from inspirational and influential people, learn about their journeys, their lessons, and how they learnt to flow through life that little bit better each day! 

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Uplifting Daily Content 

We supply a range of daily uplifting content to help you navigate through your day, week, or month, all available on our website and instagram. 

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